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Squires Blogging Community

Would you like to be a Squires Blogger?

Here at Squires Bikers Cafe we appreciate the historic goodwill that the cafe receives within the national biking community. This goodwill is often expressed through many different social media groups and pages without any prompting or support from Squires. We would like enhance this support (that we greatly appreciate) by providing a central blogging platform within this website that anyone who is interested in bikes and wishes to communicate to a larger audience can use to reach like minded people.

Squires does NOT wish to close down any existing social media groups but rather provide a platform that can be used to produce professional standard blogs that can then be shared to any social media channels be they group or personal accounts.

Squires hopes to develop a blogging community with members that represent all communities within biking from Sports Bike to Cruisers and everyone in between. If you feel that your biking community is under-represented then volunteer to become a blogger and write blogs about nothing but your field of interest. Blogs within this website will naturally received a high level of prominence then it's up to you to share your blog as far and wide as you wish.

How this works:

  1. Simply contact Squires expressing your wish to become a Blogger, email preferred as your address will become your login
  2. Squires will use your Name and Email to create your Blogging account within the Content Management System (CMS) that runs the Squires website (no other personal information will be held about and you can even use an alias if that is what you prefer but a valid email will be required to contact you).
  3. You will then receive an email providing login details that will allow you to access the Squires CMS, this is a restricted access account that only provides a path into the Blogging area, you cannot access any other pages.
  4. Once you are in the CMS you can create blog pages and upload images to accompany your story, blogs will be listed on the website in chronological order so no-one has precedence over any other blogger.
  5. Once your blog is complete you can save it and send it for publication upon which a moderator will read it and publish it if they are satisfied that it is a positive feature. All we ask is that the Blogs are positive in tone, do not show Squires in a negative way and are not used to attack any individuals or businesses. Plenty of negativity out there already so we'd like the blogs to feature only positive aspects of biking.
  6. When a Moderator publishes your blog it will go-live on the website and then it can be shared to any social media channels that you wish.

Overtime we would hope to promote successful bloggers to moderators so that they can publish blogs directly and manage junior bloggers within their field of interest. For example you could have five bloggers writing about Adventure bikes with one being a moderator who can edit other users blogs and publish them.

Who benefits:

Squires hopes that this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement where Squires receives regular lively updates to the website which will drive repeat visitors and anyone who has something positive to say within the biking community gets a free platform that benefits from the prominence of the Squires profile.

This is very much a first step and Squires would like to evolve the process over time with feedback from the bloggers.

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