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Squires Cafe Menu

Breakfast Menu (served all day)

Large Breakfast £6.95
2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, 2 Sausage, Black Pudding, Hash Browns, Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms & Toast or Fried Bread.

Small Breakfast £4.95
1 Bacon, 1 Egg, 1 Sausage, Tomatoes, Beans, Toast or Fried Bread.

Veggie Breakfast £4.30 (v)
2 Eggs, Mushrooms, Hash Browns, Beans, Toast or Fried Bread.

(Eggs can be fried or scrambled on breakfast)

Bread & Butter 35p per slice
Toast or Fried Bread 55p per slice

Beans on Toast £3.20 (v)
Eggs (2) on Toast £3.40 (v)
(Fried or Scrambled)

Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon £2.95
Bacon & Egg £3.40
Bacon & Sausage £4.30
Sausage £3.10
Sausage & Egg £3.60
Egg (2) £2.30 (v)

Extras - Tomatoes 40p, Mushrooms 90p, Black Pudding 70p
Why not try the above in a warm baguette for 65p extra

Toasted Teacake £1.50 (v)
Toast (2) with Jam or Marmalade £1.50 (v)


Squires Stacker Burgers £8.95
Two 1/4lb Angus Burgers in a stack with Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Fried Onions, Lettuce, Tomato & onion Rings, served in a Brioche Bun with Chips.

Beef, Chicken & Bacon Burger £8.50
A 1/4lb Angus Burger and a Chicken Fillet with Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato served in a Brioche Bun with Chips.

Pulled Pork Burger £8.75
Two 1/4lb Angus Burgers with Pulled Pork, Swiss Cheese and our very own treacle BBQ sauce served in a Brioche Bun with Chips.

Blue Cheese & Mushroom Burger £8.50
Two 1/4lb Angus Burgers with Blue Cheese & Mushroom served in a Brioche Bun with Chips.

Squires Burger Meal £7.30
Double Angus Burger in Bread Bun with Cheese and Onion served with Chips and a choice of relish - BBQ, Tomato, Firecracker (hot) or Garlic Mayo

Angus Beef Burger £3.20
Angus Cheese Burger £3.70
Chicken Burger £3.10
Veggie Burger £2.80 (v)

Extras: Fried Onion 30p, Bacon 80p, Salad Garnish 50p, Side Chips £1.90


Hot Dogs

Giant Hot Dog with Fried Onions £4.80
11 inch Beachwood Smoked Hot Dog served with Fried Onions.

Chilli Dog £5.95
11 inch Beachwood Smoked Hot Dog smothered with our own recipe Pulled Beef Chilli.

Add a side of Chips for £1.90 extra or Sweet Potato Fries £2.30


Homemade Pie of the Week £6.25
Served with Chips or New Potatoes and Gravy plus a choice of Garden Peas or Mushy Peas.

Cornish Pasty Meal £5.20
Cornish Pasty & Chips with Beans, Mushy Peas or Gravy

Home Cooked Ham Eggs & Chips £5.70
Wholetail Scampi Chips & Salad £7.10
Chicken Chunks Chips & Salad £6.00
Fish & Chips £6.70
Gammon Egg & Chips £7.00
Sausage (3) Egg (1) & Chips £5.40
Eggs (2) and Chips £3.90
Pulled Beef Chilli with Rice Or Chips £6.95

Giant Yorkshire Pudding
With Gravy - £3.00
With Chips & Gravy £4.75
With Sausages £5.10
With Roast Aberdeen Angus £5.50
Add Garden Peas or Mushy Peas for 65p

Jacket Potatoes £5.10
Served with Salad Garnish and a choice of 1 Filling 
Beans (v), Cheese (v), Tuna, Chilli Beef. Add an extra filling for £1.20


Chips & Curry Sauce £3.50 (v)
Portion Of Chips £2.50 (v)
Cheesy Chips £3.40 (v)
Curly Fries £2.60 (v)
Sweet Potato Fries £3.00 (v)

Kids Meals

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £3.50
Fish Fingers & Chips £3.50
Sausage & Chips £3.50
All served with Beans or Veg.

Mac & Cheese £3.50 (v)

Kids Ice Cream
1 Scoop 50p
2 Scoops £1.00
3 Scoops £1.50

Ice Cream Sundae with Sweets in £1.70 (v)


Chicken, Bacon & Brie £5.00
Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto £4.20
Roast Beef & Red Onion Marmalade £5.10
Ham, Mustard & Cheddar Cheese £4.20
Cheddar Cheese£3.40 (v)
All served with Salad Garnish

Hot Sandwiches

Hot Roast Beef & Gravy £4.10
Bacon Lettuce & Tomato (BLT) £3.75
Why not try the above in a Warm Baguette for 65p extra?
Add a side order of Chips for £1.90

Chip Butty £2.60 (v)

Cold Sandwiches

Tuna Mayo £4.00
Savoury Cheese £3.50 (v)
Roast Ham £3.80
All served with Salad Garnish


Tuna Salad £4.50
Cheese Salad £4.50 (v)
Ham Salad £4.50
Chicken Salad £4.50


Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.75
Spotted Dick £3.75
Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.75
Apple Pie £3.75
All served with either Cream or Custard

Vegetarian Options
We use beef dripping in our fryers but we have a separate fryer with vegetable oil available. Please let us know your requirement when ordering.

Food Allergies
Please contact a member of staff should you have any food allergies or need advice on our menu


Margherita - (v) £7.70
Meat Feast - £8.70
Veg Supreme (v) £8.70
Chicken and Bacon £8.70
Pepperoni £8.70

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