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  Welcome to Squires Bikers Cafe homepage:
    Squires Bikers Cafe

Welcome to the world famous Squires Cafe! Come and join us for a beer...

Squires aims to be the UK's friendliest biking environment, the perfect stop... More >>

    Squires Caravan Park and Camping

Pitches are available for caravans, tents and motorhomes. See our page for details

We ask is that no food or drink is brought onto the site but purchase from the cafe. More >>

    Ice Skating at Squires

This winter we have installed an indoor ice skating rink in the events room.

It is a plastic ice- rink which you skate on just like real ice. More >>

    Speedstyle Bikers Shop

Motorcycle Clothing, Motorcycle Parts and Bike Accessories Online - Speedstyle UK

Speedstyle UK is a family run business based on the outskirts of Leeds.  More >>


About Us:
First opened in 1954, Squires Bradburys Milk Bar was located in a small town of Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire. It was during this time that the café became firmly established as a biker’s café.

The Squires Café became more and more popular over the years with biker’s travelling to the café from all over Yorkshire, the North of England and all parts of the UK, traditionally meeting on a Wednesday evening. For many years a Wednesday night in Sherburn became an awesome site, with bikers descending on the small town, motorbikes of all makes and sizes as far as the eye could see, with Squires Milk Bar at the centre.  More >>


Come and enjoy a delicious Carvery every Sunday and Thursday at Squires



Our Autojumble is held on the FOURTH Saturday of each month. Click here


Our onsite shop stocks all the major brands Arai Shoei RST Dainese AGV Alpinestars etc etc Why not call in, or for details click here




Tickets are now available online for the Freddie Spencer Evening. Please click here for details

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